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Sashay into Excellence: The Charm of Drag Race France Season 2

You must watch the heart and brilliance of Drag Race France Season 2, where queens shine, emotions soar, and Nicky Doll reigns as a host par excellence.


In a realm where superheroes and spaceships take a backseat, a different kind of universe reigns supreme—the Drag Race Cinematic Universe.

This constellation is composed of dazzling queens hailing from every corner of creation. Move over Marvel Cinematic Universe, because what RuPaul has crafted here is a phenomenon that stands unrivaled.

As of today, the Drag Race franchise has graced our screens with a staggering 79 episodes across 9 distinct series in 2023.

While the franchise’s triumph is undeniable, it’s a pity that the international seasons sometimes share the spotlight. Among these international spinoffs, there is one that not only matches the mother series but shines even brighter: Drag Race France Season 2.

Eclipsing the Competition

The Reign of Drag Race France Season 2

In the midst of an array of fantastic seasons this year, including RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15, Drag Race España Season 3, and the groundbreaking debut of Drag Race México, Drag Race France Season 2 manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

It has confidently established itself as the pinnacle of Drag Race excellence in 2023.

A Crowned Collection of Queens

Drag Race France Season 2 cast

What propels this season to such heights? Look no further than the ensemble of France 2 queens.

Sara Forever’s avant-garde flair reminiscent of Sasha Velour, Punani’s multifaceted talent, Mami Watta’s Shangela Season 3 vibes—these are just a glimpse of the brilliance present.

Add in Cookie Kunty’s mastery of both shade and makeup, Keiona’s ballroom perfection from the House of Revlon on HBO Max’s Legendary, and Moon’s transcendent heart and incredible hair, and you have a roster of winners.

Heart and Soul

The Essence of Drag Race France Season 2

Drag Race France Season 2 Kiona and mama wata

While some may crave drama, Drag Race France Season 2 takes a different route (albeit with a pinch of tension from Cookie and Ginger).

This season revolves around heart—the kind that evokes memories of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. It’s not just about talent; it’s about feelings.

From the very beginning, a profound connection binds these queens, offering solace in a tumultuous year.

Their shared passion for drag, exploration of gender journeys, and candid conversations create a tapestry of experiences.

One poignant moment sees a queen discussing an assault, triggering a cascade of similar stories from her peers. It’s a heavy narrative, but it’s an essential one.

Only on Drag Race can a group find solidarity in shared pain and then astound the world with their talents shortly after. This essence of queer perseverance shines through in France 2 with unparalleled excellence.

Nicky Doll, The Rightful Host

Drag Race France Season 2 Nicky Doll and judges

Undoubtedly, the success of Drag Race France Season 2 is also attributed to its exceptional host, Nicky Doll. Placing 11th in Season 12, Nicky is fierce, fashionable, and funny—a host that truly understands the trials of the competition.

Unlike other hosts who achieved stardom, Nicky’s journey adds depth. Her advice stems from her own setbacks, resonating with the queens she guides.

Nicky’s journey, from challenges to lip syncs, showcases her resilience. She stands tall as the embodiment of France’s hosting excellence.

A League of Winners

The Remarkable Queens of France 2


The magic of France 2 lies in its roster of queens who are all true winners in their own right. Allow me to introduce you to a few of these exceptional talents:

  • Keiona: A rare gem who brings authentic ballroom perfection to the runway, showcased previously as part of HBO Max’s Legendary through the House of Revlon.
  • Sara Forever: A visionary fashion clown, embodying avant-garde aesthetics akin to Sasha Velour.
  • Punani: A queen of hard work and versatility, demonstrating the ability to excel in any endeavor.
  • Mami Watta: Radiating Shangela Season 3 vibes, she’s the lovable underdog with an indomitable talent.
  • Cookie Kunty: The master of both shade and makeup, setting her apart with an uncanny knack.
  • Moon: A trans, Swiss Romani queen possessing a heart as immense as her remarkable hair.

But these queens, along with the icons I haven’t delved into (Piche, Ginger Bitch, Kitty Space, Rose, and Vespi), have consistently delivered one invaluable element throughout the season: heart.

Embracing the Essence

Heart and Empathy

In a world where drama often takes the spotlight, France Season 2 follows a different path, keeping tension minimal (though Cookie and Ginger do ignite some sparks). Rather than focusing on conflicts, this season emphasizes the power of heart.

Evoking the spirit of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, it celebrates not only the remarkable talents but also the profound emotions that each queen brings to the stage.

A Soulful Connection and Queer Perseverance

From the very outset, an unbreakable bond has woven through these queens, serving as a balm for the challenges of a trying year. Their shared passion for drag leads them to explore their gender journeys together, as well as engage in difficult conversations.

A poignant moment unfolds in the Werk Room when one queen opens up about a street assault, prompting others to share their own stories of similar experiences.

Their shared pain becomes a source of unity—one that is uniquely found within the realm of Drag Race. The power to transform shared trauma into awe-inspiring performances sets Drag Race apart, showcasing the queer community’s resilience.

In many ways, France 2 epitomizes this spirit of perseverance, delivering excellence with a touch of authenticity.

A Tale of Triumph and Excellence

Nicky Doll DRFS2

As the curtains close on this captivating season, love extends to judges Kiddy Smile and Daphné Bürki, and the impressive lineup of guest judges including Christian Louboutin.

Combining iconic challenges, unforgettable performances, and heartwarming stories, Drag Race France Season 2 claims its throne as the best of 2023, if not all time.

Amid the plethora of Drag Race options, consider embarking on a journey to France—where this season’s brilliance awaits.

In Conclusion

As we bid adieu to a season that transcends excellence, it’s only fitting to extend our admiration to judges Kiddy Smile and Daphné Bürki, as well as the awe-inspiring guest judges including the likes of Christian Louboutin.

With iconic challenges, unforgettable performances, and a profound narrative, Drag Race France Season 2 proudly claims its throne as not only the highlight of 2023 but perhaps one of the greatest seasons ever.

While there’s a plethora of Drag Race content to devour, consider making France 2 your must-watch this year—a journey that promises nothing short of brilliance.

What’s your take on the remarkable journey of Drag Race France Season 2? Share your thoughts below!

What are your thoughts on the dazzling journey of Drag Race France Season 2? Share your comments below!

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