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Zayn’s ‘Love Like This’ Video & Shirtless Perfect Mag Pics: Burning Hot!

Zayn Malik is back in the spotlight on the cover of Perfect Mag and the realesed of his new single “Love like This”. Super visionary snapper Sebastian Faena nailed the photoshoot. Zayn’s vibes got us shook with those pics! And check it, his tattoos are a whole mood, telling tales of his personal journey and artistic soul. Nothing hotter than Zayn shirtless pics! Biggest Gallery at the end!

In a world where music and fashion meet, Zayn Malik is like the coolest kid on the block. You might know him for his amazing voice and his sense of style that’s always on point.

Zayn’s pictures in Perfect Magazine are seriously epic. He’s got this whole mysterious and cool vibe going on. And did we mention he’s shirtless in some of the pics?

But that’s not all! Zayn has also dropped a new song called “Love Like This,” and it’s making everyone groove. It’s got a mix of different music styles, and it’s super catchy.

So, if you’re into awesome music and stylish vibes, you’ll definitely want to check out Zayn’s Perfect Magazine photoshoot and jam to “Love Like This.”

Zayn Malik is showing us that being yourself is the coolest thing you can do, and we’re here for it!

Zayn’s “Love Like This” song

But hold up, Zayn ain’t just about those fashion flexes; he’s a music sensation too! “Love Like This” dropped on July 21, 2023, and it’s pure pop, drum and bass, and UK garage vibes. Zayn’s vocals?

Next level! The music vid, directed by Ivanna and Frank Borin, gives us all the feels in the heart of NYC.

Zayn rocks a slick red and black motorcycle jacket, and his love interest, Grace Dumdaw, got the cozy vibes too.

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Sashay Away Celebrates Zayn’s Artistry

At Sashay Away, we’re all about embracing our true selves for real! Zayn’s journey, his tunes, and his iconic visuals are totally our jam. We get the importance of being you, loud and proud.

So, whether you’re staring at Zayn’s epic “Perfect” photos or vibing to the dope beats of “Love Like This,” Sashay Away Mag is the place to be for the photos!

The Gorgeous British pop icon’s return to the public eye is nothing short of remarkable, marked by a stunning appearance on the renowned Call Her Daddy podcast.

This interview, a milestone in itself, is Zayn’s first since 2017, allowing fans to delve deep into his thoughts and unshared struggles.

Photographed by the visionary Sebastian Faena, Zayn’s cover image is truly hypnotic. In black and white, the photo captures him in a moment of profound introspection.

His closed eyes and side profile invite viewers to unravel the enigma he conceals, while the play of light and shadow adds depth to his features.

What sets this cover apart, however, are the intricate tattoos adorning Zayn’s skin. Each design bears witness to his personal journey and artistic expression, offering a glimpse into the mosaic of his life experiences.

Zayn latest single, “Love Like This,” dropped on July 21, 2023, and it’s a pop, drum and bass, and UK garage masterpiece.

Over a house-inspired instrumental, Zayn serenades us with the story of a passionate new romance. He’s willing to take the risk to keep this love alive, and his smooth vocals make it all the more enchanting.

To accompany the song’s release, a mesmerizing music video directed by Ivanna and Frank Borin was unveiled.

Shot in the bustling streets of New York, the video features Zayn donning a striking red and black motorcycle jacket.

His love interest, played by Grace Dumdaw, shares intimate moments with him as they explore the city together.

The critical reception for “Love Like This” has been overwhelmingly positive. Kyndall Cunningham, writing for The Daily Beast, hails it as a “sleek, two-step club track” that could be a late contender for the Song of the Summer.

Zayn’s embrace of the breezy UK garage sound adds a fresh and infectious vibe to his music.

So, whether you’re captivated by his striking magazine cover or grooving to the infectious beats of “Love Like This,” Zayn Malik continues to be an artistic force to be reckoned with in 2023.


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