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One of the best queer shows – Schitt’s Creek

This blog post will closely examine the Schitt’s Creek cast and their characters, exploring their backstories, relationships, quirks, and I little bit more! So, let’s get started!

As I journey into the world of Schitt’s Creek, I find myself hopelessly enamoured with the cast of characters that call this beloved sitcom home. From the endearingly quirky Rose family to the charming and colourful residents of Schitt’s Creek, each character is a treasure to behold.

My heart is filled with warmth and joy that only comes from spending time with such a delightful ensemble of actors. Their humour and wit have left me in stitches time and time again, and I am grateful for the laughter they have brought into my life.

If you have yet to experience the magic of Schitt’s Creek, I implore you to join me on this journey of discovery. You, too, will find yourself captivated by the lovable cast of characters that call this small town home. Together, we can revel in the joy and laughter that this heartwarming sitcom has to offer.

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that premiered in 2015 and ran for six seasons until 2020. The show, created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, follows the journey of the wealthy Rose family, who lose their fortune and are forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once bought as a joke. The show quickly became a fan favourite, garnering critical acclaim and winning several awards.

Meet the Schitt’s Creek Cast: Get to Know the Characters

Before diving into the individual characters, let’s take a moment to meet the cast of Schitt’s Creek. The show features an ensemble cast, which means that every actor has a significant role to play. Here is a list of the main cast members:

  • Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, the patriarch of the Rose family
  • Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose, Johnny’s wife and former soap opera star
  • Dan Levy as David Rose, Johnny and Moira’s son
  • Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, Johnny and Moira’s daughter
  • Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd, the sarcastic and witty manager of the Rosebud Motel
  • Noah Reid as Patrick Brewer, a charming love interest of David Rose
  • Now that we’ve met the cast let’s dive into each character’s story.

Schitt’s Creek Cast: Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose, played by Annie Murphy, is the daughter of Johnny and Moira Rose. At the beginning of the show, she is portrayed as a spoiled socialite who is more interested in partying and shopping than taking responsibility for her life. However, as the show progresses, we see Alexis transform into a strong and independent woman who takes control of her future.

From Spoiled Socialite to Strong Woman

Alexis’s character development is one of the show’s highlights, and Annie Murphy’s performance is outstanding. Her portrayal of Alexis’s vulnerability and strength makes her one of the most beloved characters on the show. This section will explore Alexis’s journey and how she became the woman we all love.

The Early Days

At the beginning of the show, Alexis is portrayed as a superficial and materialistic character who is more concerned with her social status than anything else. She’s a party girl who’s used to living a life of luxury and has no real direction in life. She’s constantly on the phone, talking to her friends about her latest purchases and jet-setting adventures.

However, as the show progresses, we see a different side of Alexis. We see her struggle to adapt to life in Schitt’s Creek, where she’s forced to give up her luxuries and live a simpler life. We see her struggle to find her place in the world and to figure out who she really is.

The Transformation

One of Alexis’ most significant turning points is when she starts working at the local vet clinic. This job gives her a sense of purpose and allows her to explore her passion for animals. We see her grow more confident and independent as she takes on new responsibilities and learns to care for the animals.

Another significant moment in Alexis’ journey is her relationship with the town’s veterinarian Ted Mullens. Ted is a kind and caring man who sees the best in Alexis, and their relationship allows her to open up and become vulnerable. We see her learn to trust and love, and her relationship with Ted becomes one of the most heartwarming storylines of the show.

As the show progresses, we see Alexis become more mature and responsible. She starts to take charge of her life and make decisions that are best for her rather than just following the crowd. She becomes a true partner to her family and friends, and her journey from a spoiled socialite to a strong woman is one of the most inspiring storylines of the show.

Schitt’s Creek Cast Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose is the patriarch of the Rose family and one of the main characters in the TV series Schitt’s Creek. He is portrayed by Eugene Levy, who co-created the show along with his son, Dan Levy. Johnny is a former video store magnate who loses his fortune and is forced to relocate to the small town of Schitt’s Creek with his family.

The Life and Background of Johnny Rose

Before his financial downfall, Johnny was a successful businessman who owned a chain of video rental stores called Rose Video. He was married to his wife Moira, and they had two children, David and Alexis. Johnny’s life took a drastic turn when he was defrauded by his business manager and lost all his money, including his family’s assets.

Johnny Rose’s Journey in Schitt’s Creek

The first season of Schitt’s Creek focuses on the Rose family’s adjustment to their new life in Schitt’s Creek. Johnny initially struggles to adapt to the town’s quirky residents and limited resources, but he eventually finds a sense of purpose when he takes over the management of the local motel, the Rosebud Motel.

Throughout the series, Johnny is portrayed as a caring and protective father who always puts his family’s needs before his own. He has a close relationship with both of his children and is often the voice of reason when they face personal and professional challenges.

One of Johnny’s biggest character developments in the show is his ability to form genuine friendships with the people of Schitt’s Creek. He initially views the town’s residents as beneath him, but he eventually learns to appreciate their unique personalities and develops a deep affection for them.

Johnny Rose’s Relationships

Johnny’s relationship with his wife, Moira, is central to his character arc in Schitt’s Creek. Although they have a loving and supportive relationship, their marriage is tested by the financial strain they face after losing their wealth. Moira often struggles to adjust to life in Schitt’s Creek and is prone to dramatic outbursts, which puts a strain on their relationship.

Johnny also forms a close bond with Stevie Budd, the manager of the Rosebud Motel. They share a mutual respect and admiration for each other and often turn to each other for support and advice.

Eugene Levy’s Portrayal of Johnny Rose

Eugene Levy’s portrayal of Johnny Rose is one of the highlights of Schitt’s Creek. Levy brings warmth and depth to the character, making him a relatable and likable protagonist despite his initial arrogance and privileged background. Levy’s chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Catherine O’Hara, who plays Moira, is a major reason why the show was so successful.

Schitt’s Creek Cast: Moira Rose

Moira Rose is one of the most unforgettable characters in TV history, and her impact on the beloved series Schitt’s Creek cannot be overstated. Portrayed by the incomparable Catherine O’Hara, Moira is a former soap opera star with a penchant for dramatics, an extensive wig collection, and a unique vocabulary.

A Tribute to the Queen of Schitt’s Creek

We will dive deep into the character of Moira Rose, exploring her background, relationships, and most memorable moments.

Moira Rose is introduced to viewers in Schitt’s Creek’s pilot episode as the Rose family’s matriarch. Alongside her husband Johnny, played by Eugene Levy, Moira is forced to move to the small town of Schitt’s Creek after losing all of their wealth and assets. While initially resistant to her new surroundings, Moira soon becomes integral to the town and its inhabitants.

One of the most striking aspects of Moira’s character is her unique fashion sense, which is highlighted by her extensive wig collection. From a platinum blonde bob to a jet black updo, Moira’s wigs are almost as much a part of her character as her personality. She also has a penchant for wearing bold, oversized clothing and statement jewelry, making her stand out in the otherwise mundane town of Schitt’s Creek.

Personality and Relationships

Moira’s personality is nothing short of eccentric, and she is known for her dramatic flair and unusual vocabulary. She often speaks in a melodramatic, almost theatrical tone, and her use of words like “bébé” and “bébés” have become iconic catchphrases. However, despite her over-the-top demeanour, Moira is also incredibly loyal to her family and fiercely protective of her loved ones.

One of the most poignant relationships in Schitt’s Creek is the dynamic between Moira and her son David, played by Dan Levy. While the two initially struggle to connect, their relationship deepens throughout the series as Moira becomes increasingly invested in her son’s life and his relationship with Patrick. Moira’s fierce protectiveness over David is on full display in the season four episode “Open Mic,” when she delivers a heartfelt speech defending her son’s character to a room full of strangers.

Moira’s relationship with her husband, Johnny, is also central to her character. While the two often bicker and disagree, they are ultimately devoted to one another and work together to navigate their new life in Schitt’s Creek. Moira is also close with the rest of her family, including her daughter Alexis, played by Annie Murphy.

Most Memorable Moments

Moira’s character is filled with countless memorable moments throughout the course of the series, but some stand out as particularly iconic. One such moment is in the season one episode “Wine and Roses,” when Moira performs a dramatic rendition of “Danny Boy” at a local talent show. The performance is simultaneously hilarious and heartwarming, as Moira’s vulnerability shines through her over-the-top theatrics.

Another standout moment for Moira is in the season four episode “The Olive Branch,” when she dons a black-and-white gown and delivers a memorable speech at the town council meeting. Moira’s eloquence and passion are on full display as she defends the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Schitt’s Creek, ultimately leading to the council’s decision to install gender-neutral washrooms in public spaces.

Schitt’s Creek Cast: David Rose

Schitt’s Creek is a beloved comedy series that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. The show’s success is largely due to its talented cast, including the character of David Rose, portrayed by Dan Levy.

The Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth in Schitt’s Creek

We will delve into David’s journey of self-discovery and growth throughout the series and his impact on the LGBTQ+ community and popular culture.

David is the younger brother of Alexis and the son of Johnny and Moira Rose. He is a high-strung character with a strong sense of fashion and an eye for design. David often finds himself at odds with his family members, particularly with his father, Johnny, who doesn’t always understand his son’s choices. However, David’s relationship with his sister Alexis is a highlight of the show, as they share a close bond despite their bickering.

David’s Sexuality and Representation

One of the most notable aspects of David’s character is his sexuality. He is openly pansexual, which is a refreshing and inclusive representation of the LGBTQ+ community in mainstream media. David’s sexuality is not a defining characteristic of his personality but rather a natural part of who he is, which is an important message for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

David’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Throughout the series, David undergoes a journey of self-discovery and growth. He starts off as a guarded and cynical character, but as the series progresses, we see him learn to let his guard down and open himself up to love and vulnerability. David’s relationship with Stevie Budd is a significant part of this journey, as she helps him see the value in opening up to others.

David’s Relationship with Patrick Brewer

David’s relationship with Patrick Brewer is one of the most beloved storylines in Schitt’s Creek. Patrick is a significant love interest for David, and their relationship is a beautiful representation of love and acceptance. Their wedding, which is a touching and heartfelt scene, is also a milestone for LGBTQ+ representation in media.

David’s Impact on Pop Culture

David’s character has had a significant impact on popular culture. His iconic facial expressions and one-liners have become memes and gifs all over the internet, and his sense of style has inspired many fans to adopt a more daring and fashion-forward approach to clothing. David’s character has also been a source of comfort and inspiration for many LGBTQ+ viewers who see themselves in his journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Schitt’s Creek Cast: Patrick Brewer

Among the show’s standout characters is Patrick Brewer, played by actor Noah Reid. Patrick is the love interest of David Rose and quickly became a fan favourite due to his charming personality and heartfelt scenes. We’ll take a deep dive into the character of Patrick Brewer and explore why he’s such an important part of the Schitt’s Creek cast.

Who is Patrick Brewer?

Patrick Brewer is a relatively new character on Schitt’s Creek, introduced in the show’s third season. He’s a successful businessman and the owner of the Rose Apothecary, a local store in the town of Schitt’s Creek. Patrick is kind, thoughtful, and hardworking, and he quickly becomes a love interest for David Rose, one of the show’s main characters.

Patrick’s backstory

Patrick’s backstory is not as well developed as some other characters on the show, but we know a few key details. He grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, and worked hard to build his business from the ground up. Patrick is a romantic at heart and is very close to his family. He also has a love for music and is an accomplished guitar player.

Patrick’s relationship with David

One of the main reasons Patrick became such a beloved character on Schitt’s Creek is his relationship with David Rose. David and Patrick’s relationship is a slow burn, but it’s clear from their first scene together that they have chemistry. Over the course of several seasons, we see David and Patrick’s relationship develop from casual flirtation to a deep and meaningful connection.

What makes Patrick so special?

\There are several reasons why Patrick has become such a beloved character on Schitt’s Creek. For starters, he’s a positive and optimistic presence on the show, which can be a refreshing change from some of the more cynical characters. He’s also a great match for David, and their relationship is one of the show’s heartwarming storylines.

Patrick is also a great representation of the LGBTQ+ community on television. His sexuality is never treated as a punchline, and his relationship with David is given the same level of care and attention as any other romantic storyline on the show. This is important because representation matters, and it’s wonderful to see a character like Patrick who is authentic and relatable.

Schitt’s Creek Cast: Stevie Budd

One of the most beloved characters in Schitt’s Creek is Stevie Budd, played by actress Emily Hampshire. Stevie is the sarcastic and no-nonsense manager of the Rosebud Motel, the only place for the Rose family to stay in Schitt’s Creek. We will explore Stevie’s story and why she is considered the unsung hero of Schitt’s Creek.

Who is Stevie Budd?

Stevie is introduced in the first episode of Schitt’s Creek as the deadpan and uninterested front desk clerk at the Rosebud Motel. She is initially portrayed as an unimpressed bystander to the Rose family’s misfortunes. Still, as the show progresses, we learn more about her backstory and her relationship with the Rose family.

Stevie is a complex character who struggles with her own insecurities and emotional baggage. She lost her mother at a young age and has a strained relationship with her father, who is also an alcoholic. Stevie also has a history of failed relationships, which she masks with her sarcastic and detached demeanour.

Despite her tough exterior, Stevie has a kind heart and a deep loyalty to her friends. She develops a close friendship with David, who she initially clashes with due to their similar personalities. Stevie becomes a confidante to the Rose family as the series progresses, offering them advice and support during their struggles in Schitt’s Creek.

Stevie’s Journey

Throughout the series, we see Stevie’s character undergo significant growth and transformation. She starts as a cynical and jaded employee, but as she becomes closer to the Rose family, we see her begin to let her guard down and show her vulnerable side.

One of the most notable examples of Stevie’s growth is her relationship with David. The two characters start off as frenemies, constantly bickering and competing with each other. However, as they spend more time together, they develop a deep bond that ultimately leads to a one-night stand.

Stevie’s character also confronts her own demons throughout the show. She struggles with her father’s alcoholism and its impact on her own life. In season four, she opens up to David about her struggles and attends an Al-Anon meeting to confront her feelings.

Why Stevie is the Unsung Hero

While the Rose family is undoubtedly the main focus of Schitt’s Creek, Stevie’s character is an essential part of the show’s success. She provides a grounded and relatable perspective on the absurdity of the Rose family’s situation, and her sarcastic one-liners often provide much-needed comic relief.

Stevie’s character is also important because she represents the struggles of small-town life. While the Rose family is initially dismissive of Schitt’s Creek, Stevie’s character shows the audience the beauty and value of small-town communities.

Stevie’s relationship with David is also a significant aspect of the show. Their friendship and eventual romantic relationship are a refreshing representation of platonic and romantic relationships between people of the same gender. The show does an excellent job of normalizing their relationship, which is essential for LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media.

More about Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has undoubtedly been one of the past few years’ most beloved and celebrated shows. The Canadian sitcom, which aired from 2015 to 2020, has won the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide, and its talented cast has earned countless accolades for its outstanding performances.

One of the biggest moments in Schitt’s Creek’s history came in September 2020, when the show swept the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, winning all seven of its nominated categories. We’ll take a closer look at this historic win and revisit some of the most memorable moments from the 2020 Emmys.

Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy Sweep

Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy sweep was a major moment in television history. It was the first time a comedy series had won all seven major categories at the Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

The show’s creator and star, Eugene Levy, spoke about the win during a virtual press conference after the ceremony, saying, “The fact that we went out on our own terms and we went out on such a high note, and then to have the recognition from the Academy and the industry, it’s just incredibly gratifying.”

Eugene Levy’s Touching Acceptance Speech

Eugene Levy, who played Johnny Rose in the series, won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and his acceptance speech was one of the night’s most touching moments. Levy thanked his son and co-creator of the show, Dan Levy, and his fellow cast members, calling them “the greatest team of comedy players ever assembled.”

He also spoke about the importance of the show’s message of love and acceptance, saying, “Our show, at its core, is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance, and that is something that we need more of now than we’ve ever needed before.”

Catherine O’Hara’s Fabulous Fashion

Catherine O’Hara, who played the iconic Moira Rose in the series, won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. In true Moira fashion, O’Hara wore a stunning white pantsuit with a matching face mask and a dramatic black bow.

Her fashion choices were the talk of the town after the ceremony, with many fans and critics praising her bold and unique style. O’Hara later joked in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that her outfit was inspired by “Moira’s need to look chic and appropriate at all times.”

Aside from Schitt’s Creek’s historic win, the 2020 Emmys were filled with other memorable moments. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the ceremony from an empty Staples Center, making jokes about the unusual circumstances of the event. Other highlights included Regina King’s powerful speech about the need for social justice, Tyler Perry’s emotional tribute to his late mother, and perseverance’s importance.

Memorable Moments from Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is full of memorable moments that have stuck with fans long after the show ended. Here are just a few of the most iconic scenes and episodes:

The “A Little Bit Alexis” Music Video

In season five, Alexis Rose decides to pursue a music career and records a hilarious music video for her song “A Little Bit Alexis.” The video features outrageous outfits, dance moves, and plenty of auto-tune, making it an instant classic.

The Cabaret Performance

In season six, Moira Rose takes on the role of Sally Bowles in a local production of Cabaret. Her performance of “Maybe This Time” is a showstopper and cement Catherine O’Hara’s status as one of the most talented actresses on television.

The “Happy Ending” Finale

The series finale of Schitt’s Creek, titled “Happy Ending,” is a perfect sendoff for the beloved characters. The emotional and heartwarming episode sees the Rose family come together to celebrate their growth and progress since arriving in Schitt’s Creek and provides closure for fans who have been following the show for six seasons.

The Best Schitt’s Creek Episodes

Schitt’s Creek is known for its consistently excellent writing and performances, but some episodes stand out as particularly memorable. Here are a few of the best:

The Pilot

“The Pilot” is the episode that started it all, introducing us to the Rose family and their new life in Schitt’s Creek. It’s a great introduction to the characters and their dynamics, and it’s easy to see why the show became such a hit.

The Jazzaguy

In “The Jazzaguy,” Moira gets a chance to show off her acting chops when she’s cast in a local production of Cabaret. The episode is hilarious and touching, and it gives Catherine O’Hara a chance to shine.

The Barbecue

“The Barbecue” is a great showcase for the whole cast, with everyone getting a chance to shine. The episode centers around a community barbecue, and it’s full of hilarious moments and heartwarming interactions.

The Presidential Suite

In “The Presidential Suite,” the Roses find themselves in a fancy hotel room that’s way out of their league. The episode is full of hilarious fish-out-of-water moments and features a great performance by Dan Levy as David.


As I bid adieu to this guide of the Schitt’s Creek cast, my heart is overflowing with joy and laughter. This heartwarming sitcom has gifted us with an incredible ensemble of characters that we have all come to cherish and adore. From the quirky Rose family to the lovable residents of Schitt’s Creek, each character brings their own unique charm and charisma to the show.

The humour is clever and witty, always keeping me on my toes and making me laugh out loud. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world where we could all use a good laugh.

I am grateful to have stumbled upon this show gem, and I hope this guide has encouraged you to give it a watch. The Schitt’s Creek cast is truly a delight to behold, and I know that their antics will continue to bring laughter and joy into my life for years to come.

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